Breakfast Favorites

Each breakfast favorites comes with 2 eggs cooked to order, hash browns and toast or 2 pancakes

10.20Corned Beef & Hash

Thin-sliced corned beef, served over hash browns

13.50Steak and Eggs

8 oz premium top sirloin cooked to order

11.50Chicken Fried Steak

Cube steak breaded, fried, and smothered in gravy

10.50Ground Round

Half pound hamburger steak on Texas toast and covered in gravy

9.25German Sausage

1 hearty and seasoned German sausage sliced and grilled

7.90Little Oinker

2 eggs and your choice of 2 bacon, 2 links, ham or patty


2 eggs and your choice of 4 bacon, 4 links, ham or patty

Country Morning


2 eggs cooked to order, toast, and hash browns

6.60Morning Rustler

1 pancake, 1 egg, 1 bacon or link

Hash & Gravy

Hash browns covered with country gravy
Half - 5.50 | Full - 6.80

Biscuits & Gravy

2 homemade buttermilk biscuits with country gravy
Half - 5.50 | Full - 6.80


2 eggs scrambled with home fries, peppers, onions and ham with toast or a biscuit

8.50Hash & Such

Hash browns, onions and ham covered in country gravy and cheese

5.80Breakfast Sandwich

Toasted English muffin with your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage
Add egg - 6.50


5.004 bacon, 4 links, sausage patty or ham

1.001 Egg Cooked to Order


(beef | chicken | country)

3.20Hash Browns


(White | Wheat | Sour dough | Rye | English muffin)


(Homemade buttermilk biscuit)

5.80Fruit Plate


4.50Cinnamon Roll

Fresh off the Griddle

All stacks served with 2 eggs cooked to order,
choice of ham | 2 links | 2 bacon | a sausage patty

9.20Tall Stack

4 pancakes served with butter and maple syrup

8.00Short Stack

2 pancakes served with butter and maple syrup

8.90French Stack

2 slices of French toast with butter and maple syrup


2.50French Toast

Texas toast dipped in egg and grilled to perfection


Each omelet is made with 3 Eggs and cheese.
Served with hash browns and toast or 2 pancakes

7.40Cheese Omelet

Just good old fashion cheddar and 3 eggs

9.20Homestead Omelet

Your choice of ham | bacon | sausage

9.75Spanish Omelet

Taco meat, tomato, onion and bell peppers

8.80Veggie Omelet

Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms

9.20Denver Omelet

Loaded with ham, bell peppers and onions



All sandwiches are served on your choice of bread with soup | salad | fries | tots
Make any sandwich a wrap at no additional charge!

8.90Grilled Chicken

Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and red onions with 1000 island on a hoagie


The classic bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo on toasted bread


Thin sliced corned beef, kraut, and 1000 island and Swiss on rye

10.20Monte Cristo

Turkey, ham, and cheese on Texas toast battered and grilled

9.30French Dip

Thin sliced roast beef on a hoagie served with au jus

10.80German Sausage

Grilled German sausage with kraut served on a hoagie


Shredded beef with onions, bell peppers and Swiss on a hoagie


Bacon, ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato and cheese stacked between 3 pieces of bread


Hand pressed patty with grilled onions and swiss served on rye


Each 1/3 hamburger patty is hand pressed and served with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and mayo with your choice of fries | tots | soup | salad

Extra Topping: Grilled onions | Jalapeños | Mushrooms | Ham | Bacon - 1.00 each

Add extra cheese - 0.75

Add burger patty to any burger - 2.00 each


Fresh pressed hamburger
Add cheese - 0.75

9.00Bacon Ch. Burger

Bacon and your choice of cheese

10.20Mt. Adams

Bacon, ham, cheese, and a fried egg


Grilled mushrooms with swiss cheese


Grilled pineapple, ham and swiss cheese

8.90Blue Cheese

Covered with melted blue cheese


Grilled onions, bacon, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce

10.50Chili Burger

Covered with our homemade chili and topped with cheese and onions

8.90Tex Mex

Grilled onions and jalapenos covered with pepper jack cheese


* Denotes All entrée salads which  come with tomato, red onions, cucumbers, and pepperoncini

Salad Dressings
Ranch | Blue cheese | Thousand island | Honey mustard | Italian | Olive oil | Balsamic | Red wine vinegar

Garden Salad*

Leafy greens and iceberg lettuce fresh veggies
Half - 7.00 | Full - 8.50

Chef Salad*

Turkey, ham, shredded cheddar and egg
Half - 7.50 | Full - 10.50

Grilled Chicken*

Grilled and sliced chicken breast
Half - 7.50 | Full - 10.50

Taco Salad

Taco meat, cheddar, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa in a tortilla bowl
Half -7.50 | Full - 10.50

7.00Soup and Salad

7.50Soup & 1/2 Sandwich

6.50Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Homestead Cookin’

Each served with choice of potato (baked, mashed, fries or tots), soup or salad

11.00Chicken Fried Steak

8 oz. cube steak hand breaded, fried, and covered in gravy

10.00Deep Fried Fish

Hand breaded Pollock, a deep sea favorite

10.00Chicken Strips

3 Strips of premium chicken breast, breaded and fried

9.50German Sausage

1 German sausage served on a bed of kraut

10.50Ground Round

A half pound of premium ground beef with grilled onions and gravy

9.00Pork Chops

1 pork chop seasoned and grilled

13.50Top Sirloin

8 oz. cut of premium sirloin steak cooked to order


4.00Fries or Tots

5.00Onion Rings

2.50Cottage Cheese


Mashed | Baked


Cup - 3.50 | Bowl - 4.50


1.50Dinner Vegetable

1.75Dinner Roll


Homestead Cookin'

Each served with choice of potato, veggie, soup or salad and a dinner roll.

12.75Chicken Fried Steak

8 oz. cube steak battered, fried, and covered in country gravy.


No room for potatoes or vegetables on this dish.
Add Shrimp or Chicken For 2.50


A pair of hearty pork chops grilled to perfection.

9.50Deep Fried Fish

Alaskan caught cod battered and fried.
A deep sea favorite!

11.00Grilled Honey Pecan Chicken

A marinated chicken breast grilled and coated with a honey glaze and pecans.


Fresh from the kitchen, homemade meatloaf topped with beef gravy.

10.50German Sausage

Zenner's brand spiced German sausage, served with sauerkraut.

13.754 Piece Chicken Dinner

A breast, a thigh, a leg and a wing battered and fried to deliciousness.

10.50Ham Dinner

A generous slice of locally raised ham.

10.25Ground Round

A half pound of premium local raised ground beef served with grilled onions.

10.50Liver & Onions

A tender local raised beef liver served with grilled onions.

10.25Chicken Strips

Strips of premium chicken breast breaded and fried.

12.00Chicken Cordon Bleu

Layered chicken, ham, mushrooms and Swiss cheese smothered in gravy.

Entree Salads

10.25Grilled Chicken Salad

A local raised chicken breast served over cheese, tomatoes, peppers, green onions and a bed of lettuce.

10.25Taco Salad

Seasoned ground beef, cheddar, olives, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream served in our homemade taco bowl.

10.50Chef Salad

Turkey, ham, cheddar, tomatoes, egg, cucumber and green onions served on a bed of lettuce.

12.00Steak Salad

8 oz. of Grade A local raised beef served over cheese, tomatoes, peppers, green onions and a bed of lettuce.


Each served with choice of potato, veggie, soup or salad and a dinner roll

16.00New York

A generous 12 oz. cut of top quality local beef cooked to order.*

14.75Top Sirloin

Our sizzling sirloin is an 8 oz. cut Grade A local beef cooked to order.*


At the center of this huge dinner is a tender 12 oz. cut of local ribeye steak cooked to order.*

13.50Grilled Salmon

For this entree we have an 8 oz. fillet of grilled salmon served with lemon.



Soft Drinks

Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Pibb | Root Beer | Mellow Yellow | Lemonade | Fuze Tea
Kids - 1.50 | Regular - 2.25


Apple | Orange | Tomato | Cranberry


1.80Hot Tea


Regular | Decaf

2.40Hot Cocoa

*Eating undercooked meat can result in food born illness.